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We are a team of dreamers, thinkers and builders!

Our team creates software-based experiences to make life easier for you and your users.

What do we do?

We create new awesome interactive digital products.

Market research, a-b testing, branding, mobile & web development, wireframes and interactive prototypes for early stage services.

We focus on user experience, mobile and web applications.

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Product Strategy & Planning

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your initial concept and turn it into a detailed plan about how to make your product come to life.

It is tailored to your exact needs.

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UX / UI Design

It is extremely important that the project is built for the users from the ground up.

With our designs we aim for perfection which adds to its appeal.

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Native mobile applications:

We commit to provide best solutions, which is sometimes to go 100% with the platform.

Cross platform:

On the other hand, after carefully considering the client's needs, it's the best to use cross platform technologies - write (almost) once - run everywhere.

A simple microsite:

Uncomplicated and straightforward, we fulfill every need.

A complex web based application:

We cater to your inherently complex challenges with downright perfection.

A backend to serve your system:

We develop cloud based server side solutions and database management systems to provide a steady foundation for your product.

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Who wants surprises after the go-live? We will make sure that the product is working as intended from the beginning.

We strategise keeping in mind your each and every need.

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Maintenance & Guarantee

We follow highest standards of work ethics ensuring 100% positive results which makes us a confident service provider.

We also dwell on our mistakes and in the event of even a smallest disconnect we fix them.

As your business grows we are commited on improving and maintaining it.

Our Projects


The modern courier system.

Today’s ever growing need for food delivery is a challenging problem for restaurants and bars. Sendee solves it with a modern automated system with the following key features:

Sendee already proved its strengths. It actively serving multiple restaurants and delivery drivers in the streets of Budapest.


The social cinema platform.

Current trend dictates that the younger generation is more into user generated content and they make decisions based on reviews and recommendations.

Tugether connects cinema fanatics and provides a platform for communication. With this single app you can get inspired, check movies nearby and get involved in discussions.

One of Tugether’s strengths is its unique user interface with slick animations and smooth user experience.


The dream of coffee fanatics.

A one of a kind platform for lever espresso machine lovers. Without this system it is hard to reason about a cup of espresso - there were no metrics to be used.

With the help of the system the pressure and weight characteristics of a brew can be captured and shared among fellow brewers. Captures can be compared and used as reference guide for upcoming brews.

A family of well known scales from Acaia are integrated - quality and resolution won't be the problem.


Cross platform affiliate application for club members.


B2B apps in Denmark.

A toolbox for car salesmen - with the help of this smart mobile application almost the same complex queries can be run as in the big screen counterpart.

All the information about Denmark’s current vehicle population is available with daily updates.


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